USIM NFT launch and staking

After exhaustive research and testing, we have finally resolved the best way in which we can structure the upcoming USIM NFT sale to be the most beneficial for our existing members and new-comers to the project.

3 min readApr 6, 2022

It is important to concern ourselves with every detail since USIM will be central to our upcoming mimverse and also as a community representation.

About USIM:

USIM will start out as a fully-rigged avatar NFT, with more than 15 tools pre-rigged to be used and rendered. Licensed under CC0, you will be able to download and freely use the USIM model for your projects. Since USIM will be central to the mimverse, we will focus on continuing to develop USIM as an integral figure in the MIM Swarm.

You can read more here:
USIM is here


These are current details for our upcoming USIM NFT sale. Every mint will require 100000 SWARM and will be randomly distributed via the Candy machine, allowing everyone an equal chance to mint a rare USIM. Every time someone mints a USIM NFT they will effectively burn 100000 SWARM with a maximum burn of 400,000,000 SWARM. Following the mint you will be able to immediately stake your USIM NFT for a minimum APY of 47%.

If you currently own a MIM Swarmer NFT you will receive a randomly minted USIM NFT for free. This will be pre-minted with candy machine and distributed to the MIM Swarmer NFT holders.

Sale details:

Total amount of USIM NFTs: 5888
Price: 100000 SWARM
Amount for sale: 4000 NFTs
Total possible burn amount: 400,000,000 SWARM
Max USIM NFT’s per user: as many as you like
NFT mint date: tbc, we aim for somewhere between end of April and mid May

NFT specifics:

Rarity Levels: 6
Total amount of USIM NFTs: 5888
MIM treasury amount: 500
MIM Swarmer free mint amount: 888
Rarity level 6 amount: 500
Amount for sale: 4000

Rarity Level 1–5 Burn & Rarity Level 6 Mint

After 1 month of staking, there will be a special event where you can upgrade 3 USIM NFT’s to 1 rarity level 6 NFT. The 3 USIM’s will be burned and the supply of USIM NFT’s will decrease with up to 1500 NFT’s.


There will be a whitelist for MIM swarmer holders, other Solana projects and other contributing members of the swarm. If you hold over 500000 SWARM you will get airdropped a whitelist token.

NFT Staking

We have developed a unique solution to how we will deal with NFT staking.

Since SWARM will be essential in our upcoming mimverse (to purchase items to decorate your space, unlock new levels and much more), we wanted to incorporate a solution so that loyal followers of MIM could get specific benefits of staking long term. The first cycle of staking will be 12 months will possible APY increase if we find it appropriate.

Staking will only be available to holders of the USIM NFT.

Some of the details below are projected estimates and should therefore not be considered precise calculations. APY’s will change according to how many NFT’s are staked and how much SWARM there’s left to pay out.

NFT Staking details:

Min. projected APR rarity level 1–5 (incl. burn): 47,0%
Average projected APR rarity level 1–5 (incl. burn): 80%
Maximum projected APR rarity level 1–5 (incl. burn): 188%
Min. projected APR rarity level 6 (incl. burn): 182,5%
Average projected APR rarity level 6 (incl. burn): 220%
Maximum projected APR rarity level 6 (incl. burn): 600%

A custom website for staking and upgrading your NFT’s will be launched.

All the information above can be subject to change but we will announce any important amendments to this in our Discord Announcement channel