USIM is here!

2 min readDec 20, 2021


USIM is us. We are the Swarmers.

USIM is an open-source community-led Avatar created by MIM. Let’s unpack that!

Open Source

USIM will be an open sourced 3d model with tools, motion capture data and animations. The first version of USIM will be rigged for Unity, Unreal Engine, Cinema 4d and 3ds Max. You can download and freely use the USIM model for your projects. USIM will be licensed under CC0. Open source also means you can add new features to USIM and have them merged into the original USIM. This opens up for community members developing new features for USIM and having them merged with the original USIM. The accepted contributions will be rewarded with MIM.

Community-led creation

USIM development will be led by the community and eventually the MIM DAO will decide on where to take USIM. Decision from the community can involve which artists to invite to render new scenes with USIM, which new tools should be developed for USIM etc.


USIM starts out as a fully-rigged avatar with 15 tools rigged to be used and rendered. There will be another 20 cyberpunk tools released over the course of Q1–Q3, 2022. The community will vote on new expansion packs for USIM.

NFT Sale

USIM is made to be rendered as an NFT. To participate in deciding on tools, upgrade your USIM with new tools and decide on the path of USIM you will need to own an NFT of USIM. There will be enough NFT’s for everyone to participate in this experiment and the NFTs will be affordable for most of our members. The NFT sale will be announced in Q1, 2022.

The artist behind USIM

We are proud to have a very talented CG artist Nikita Veprikov behind the creation of USIM. Veprikov has an impressive following and you can find more of his artworks here.

Become a Swarmer

Join us in creating USIM in our Discord, Twitter and Telegram.
MIM is a metaverse swarm creating virtual characters, virtual artists and releasing sample packs for producers.




MIM is a metaverse swarm powered by Solana.