The MIM Member Area is activated

Member area

MIM is introducing the new Discord Member Area to our swarmers, a big step towards our vision where members get initial access to new merchandise, NFT’s and sample packs and upcoming content.

Sample packs for Series 1 will be available for free in the member area, the first dropping on Friday 26th November and will be subsequently released weekly for the remainder of the year.


The member area is provided by Grape, a professional and secure verification model which provides integration between Solana wallets and the channel in the Discord. To enter our new member area you will require 10000 MIM in your wallet and to go through the verification process described below. We recommend using Phantom Wallet for this process but Solflare mobile wallet is an option too.

Going forward, we plan to expand the member area and make MIM have one of the best offerings to our community. The community is always welcome to provide content.

We have set up a public board with tasks to solve for swarmers that do not have 10000 MIM. This makes it possible for everyone to enter the member area. We find it important that it’s not just financial capacity but also other skills of a swarmer that determines access to MIM.

Check out our current tasks here.


1. Have 10000 MIM in your Phantom wallet, Sollet or Solflare mobile wallet. We recommend using Phantom wallet for the best experience.

2. Go to the #verify-react-mim channel in our Discord.

3. Click on the link provided to verify your wallet.

4. React by clicking the MIM emoji icon in #verify-react-mim

5. Welcome to the MIM Swarm.

For more information on MIM Swarm follow us on Twitter, Telegram or check out our website.



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