MIM Roadmap Q1 & Q2, 2022

Let’s take the MIM Swarm to the next level.

2 min readFeb 10, 2022



The creation and launch of a new MIM metaverse, a world created to explore music led experiences and concepts. We will announce more information on this as it develops. Expect a trailer and more details the next months.


The current USIM NFT airdrop will be restructured with immediate effect, meaning the airdrop will not take place in its current form. All verified members will receive 30000 MIM airdropped in acknowledgement of their previous expectation and future priority will be given to those who listed for the USIM airdrop through Gleam. Without outlining too much already, we can say that USIM will be main character of MIM metaverse.

Virtual artists

Virtual artists will have a space in our new metaverse. We aim to open up for our own virtual artists to have a prominent space in our MIM world.

Sample packs

MIM Sounds will continue to release their popular sample packs twice a month both from noteworthy producers and also introducing offerings from our community members. This series will extend through Quarters 1+2.

Website — redesign

A redesign will represent our new direction whilst incorporating MIM’s previous aesthetics and intentions.

MIM Swarmer DAO

We aim to decentralize the MIM Swarmers and will set up a DAO for our fellow Swarmers. There will be an allocated amount of SWARM for our community that will be voted on how to spend.


Once the MIM metaverse is launched we will announce a new merchandise series which will be in parallel with the concepts and aesthetics of the new world.

MIM Farming and Liquidity Pool

Announcement and rates of SWARM token staking will be released as we have the specifics.

MIM Swarmer NFT staking

We are preparing staking for our first NFT, the MIM Swarmers series. This will allow any holders to stake their NFT in order to collect MIM. We will announce the terms shortly.




MIM is a metaverse swarm powered by Solana.