2021, a review of the MIM Swarm

As we enter a new year we would like to go through the previous year and find out what we can improve, what we did well and where we’re heading.

MIM was started in July and since then we have followed and delivered more than our current roadmap.

Here’s a few things we delivered according to the updated roadmap:

Member area

The member is still in its infancy but we launched it and it’s growing. Get verified and you will soon discover the benefits of being a verified swarmer.

First Virtual Character

USIM is our first virtual character and we are happy to have USIM involved in the future of MIM. You will hear a lot more about USIM this coming year and we are excited to show you what we are working on.

MIM Sounds

Late November saw the launch of MIM Sounds, a library of sample packs and producer tools. Featuring content created by established artists and also the MIM community, MIM Sounds is the foundational sonic and musical layer of MIM Swarm.

In 2021 we commissioned packs from the vastly talented DJH — who offered a series of haunting melodic loops prime for beat makers, from kpop producer yunji, coming through with a series of high energy pop starters, and Berlin club mainstay eea whose ‘Steam Vortex’ pack distilled his musical DNA in a series of one shots percussion sounds to mention but a few of our collaborators.

2022 already has an exciting sequence of packs ready and we will keep up the intense release schedule through the first quarter.

What we delivered outside of the Roadmap

  • 3 exchange listings on top exchanges (Bitmart, Bitrue and XT.com)
  • 2 portals room for our swarmers
  • Airdrops to MIM Swarmer holders
  • Several contests and tasks for our members
  • Task board with bounties for our members to earn MIM
  • MIM Docs in several different languages (with the help of great community members)
  • Sold out NFT project with 888 MIM Swarmers
USIM our virtual Community Character

What is still in production

Not everything in a crypto project will have the exact timelines you expect. While all of these items below was started in 2021, some of them will be finished in Q1-Q2 this year. We could have done a better job estimating this and will try to improve this going forward. We did upgrade our roadmap half way because we delivered faster than the roadmap. This update is according to the new roadmap.

Merchandise is in production and we are expecting it to be ready Q1-Q2. It got a slight delay because of the complexity of the NFT shirt with generative artwork and that Christmas came with its overload on production facilities.

We want to do an extensive update on our website and we feel it is much needed. We have started this work and plan to have it finished Q1-Q2.

Some of the MIM Sounds Sample packs released in 2021

Building the creator team for the first virtual artist

We are putting together a team to create our first virtual artist. The artist is in cg production and will be ready in Q1-Q2. We want it to be high quality so we have done a lot of adjustments in the process. Since this character will follow the swarm for years it’s very important to us that the starting point is good.

We have closed 2021 and consider it a success. 2022 will be packed with surprises and benefits for our members. We plan to deliver as much value as possible to our members and hope to have every member in the swarm contribute in their way.

Keep swarming!



MIM is a metaverse swarm powered by Solana.

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